Beware – burglars gaining access through roofs!

There has been an increase in attempted roof access attempts by burglars!


When they can’t get in through the door or windows, they lift up the roof tiles and break through the ceiling.


A recent incident in a school was reported where thieves had removed tiles, were inside the roof and broke through the ceiling but were apprehended. Another incident involved shots being fired from the roof when security were doing a routine patrol.


These are desperate times and burglars are getting desperate!

House robberies
Robberies - house break ins

We urge you to look at installing outdoor detection devices and perimeter security.


This will significantly reduce the chances of burglars gaining access to your property and access via the roof.


The best outdoor detection systems are outdoor detection beams. When strategically placed around your property, they are unobtrusive (easy to hide) and will trigger the alarm once the beam has been crossed before the burglar is able to get to your premises.


Another item to consider is microwave Passive Infra-Red detectors, which you put in “hot” areas (e.g. roof, dark corners on property etc). They are better suited to pick up activity as opposed to the normal infra-red detectors.


Lastly, make sure your perimeter security (walls, barbed wire, electric fence, cctv cameras) is working and in place.

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