How to prevent false alarms

Effectively responding to alarm activations is the prime responsibility of security companies.  However, this task becomes difficult when there are a vast number of alarm calls.

When false alarms are reduced, security providers can better use their resources to respond to those real alarms.

That is why we always urge all homeowners to be aware of what causes these false alarms and to minimise them.

Common false alarms causes 

Low batteries / irregular power source:

False alarm keypad

Pay attention to the “low battery” audible/light warning on your security system (most have this).

Some systems don’t have this and can trigger the alarm when the battery is low.  Check your batteries regularly and replace. Also make sure the power source is working properly.

Pets, rodents and insects:

Some motion detectors will be triggered by pets, rodents or insects. Make sure your pet isn’t accidentally doing this. Also check all sensors and detectors for spider webs/nests or other insect nests. Spray insect repellant to deter these insects.

Unlocked/loose doors and windows:

Loose/warped windows and doors can trigger the sensors. Regurlarly check that these are working and keep them maintained.

Bad weather:

Weather such as high winds, lightening, thunder etc. can be the cause of false alarms. They are often the cause of power surges and damage to windows, doors and fences; triggering alarms.

Reducing false alarm causes

(1)  Check all windows and doors are secure before setting the alarm.

(2)  Spray insecticide around window and door sensors and detectors.

(3)  Test your security system equipment every 3 months to check all is in good working order.

(4)  Make sure that emergency/panic buttons are out of the reach of children.

(5)  Keep your security provider updated with all your latest contact information and emergency contacts.

(6)  Check that any wireless devices and battery backup power to main security keypad are working.

(7)  Learn your alarm user manual and store it in an easy acces spot for any emergency.

False alarm - check your battery

(8) Be aware that environmental changes may affect your system and sensors (plants, new pets, decorations etc.).

(9)  Always inform your security provider when you will be away for a long time and make sure emergency contact names and numbers are up to date.

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