To have good home security, you need to evaluate your property as a criminal would….


  • How secure is your perimeter? (Walls)
  • How sturdy and secure is your gate? Can it be easily manipulated to gain access?
  • How well lit is the property? Do you have enough outdoor security lights to light up dark corners?
  • How secure is your front door lock and any other entrance doors? Can locks easily be broken?

  • How sturdy and tamper proof are your security gates and burglar bars?


  • What is the condition of your property? (The “broken window” syndrome…neglected properties attract vagrants and criminal elements)

Here are 6 common access points criminals use:


  • Gate locks – breaking / forcing them open
  • Door locks – breaking / forcing them open
  • Perimeter walls – climbing over non-secured walls
  • Electric fencing – disabling the fencing
  • Garages – open garages offer easy entrance into the garage and then to the interior of the house

Defend your home from criminals by using….


The first line of defence is:

  • The perimeter – make sure walls are sturdy, high enough, are not easily scalable and if possible have metal spikes, razor wire or tamper proof electric fencing


The second line of defense is:

  • Good lighting – if you can, have some on perimeter walls and all spots around the house to illuminate any dark corners.  Use sensor and normal lights and regularly check that all are in good working order.

The third line of defence is:


  • Security Gates/Bars (perimeter/exterior):
    • Gates (entrance/exit) – this needs to be a good quality, sturdy, reliable and as tamper proof a gate as you can buy
    • Security gates/doors (front door, back door and other) – all security gates/doors need to be sturdy, working and tamper proof
    • Security bars (windows) – all small and larger windows


The last line of defence is:

  • Internal Locks/Gates/Bars/Alarm:
    • Security Gates/Bars  – (hallways/passageways/windows)
    • Internal security (hallways/passageways) – as above
    • Alarm system – triggered when any fences, doors or windows have been breached (panic buttons placed at strategic locations)


If you can do these things, you will rest easier knowing you have all these lines of defence between you and a criminal.


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